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Stomatologija Kopuz is located in street Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica 109, Banja Luka. In a pleasant and comfortable environment, our professional team of dentists will take care of all your dental needs and help you improve your oral health.

We have experience and expertise in various fields of dentistry and can help you treat your oral problems. We offer you the best solutions for the perfect smile you have always wanted.

We will be your trusted partner and we will do everything to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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Our Services

We are pleased to offer you all services in the field of dentistry.

If you have severe symptoms of periodontal disease, such as: bleeding gums (whether it is spontaneous, or during brushing, or eating solid foods); tingling sensation in the gums; bad breath; tooth loosening; change in tooth position; foreign body sensation between teeth; hypersensitivity of bare tooth roots to various stimuli such as: warm, cold, sweet, etc .; "Dull" taste in the mouth or large losses of supporting tooth tissue, Dr. Jelena Kopuz - a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine is at your disposal.

Also, with detailed specialist examinations and removal of soft and hard dental plaque, you can have a preventive effect on the development of the disease, or regularly monitor the already existing condition of periodontal tissues. However, if you have pronounced signs of periodontitis, such as deep periodontal pockets and large gingival recessions, or you have pronounced frenulums that cause you a problem with your traction, visit us, with an appropriate surgical, painless procedure, we will solve your problem.



Obuhvata bolesti potpornog aparata zuba i predstavlja jedan od najčešćih problema u modernoj stomatologiji.

Najčešći problemi koji se javljaju kod pacijenta, a posljedica su bolesti parodonta, su: upaljene desni koje mogu krvariti, povlačenje zubnog mesa, otežano žvakanje, neprijatan zadah, labavljenje zuba, gubitak zuba koji prethodno nisu ni boljeli.

As part of periodontal therapy, we apply:
- Elimination of periodontal pockets
-hirurške zahvate u cilju eliminacije mukogingivalnih anomalija (terapija koronarno inseriranih frenuluma, proširenje zone pripojne gingive-SMAT, terapija recesija gingive
-KPR, TVT, produbljivanje vestibuluma)
-terapija periimplantitisa.

Regular and proper maintenance of oral hygiene can reduce the risk of periodontitis, with regular dental check-ups (every six months) as well as professional ultrasound removal of soft and hard dental plaque.

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Preventive dental examinations are the key to good oral health. They should be practiced every 6 months, or more often. That is why it is necessary to create healthy and good habits in children at an early age.

Working with children is specific and requires the full commitment of both sides, dentists on the one hand and parents on the other. Healthy habits, such as brushing your teeth, should be developed from the earliest childhood, and the first visit to the dentist should be as early as possible. It is advisable for the child to visit the dentist for the first time when there are no symptoms that would require intervention. The care and health of deciduous teeth is of great importance because they keep the place of permanent teeth, keep the teeth in the correct order so that the permanent teeth grow properly. This means that if a baby tooth falls out prematurely, can affect the regularity of a child's permanent teeth. The best thing parents can do is react in time, while the repair process is painless and short.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry includes restorative dentistry and endodontics. As part of restorative dentistry, we perform restorations of cariously affected tooth crowns (restorative dentistry) and treatment of root canals (endodontics).

Caries is a disease of the teeth due to which patients most often come to the dental clinic. That is why the goal of conservative dentistry is a patient with healthy, beautiful and functional teeth. Creating good habits, brushing your teeth and going to the dentist regularly, starts from the youngest days.

Restorative dentistry involves the replacement of a damaged part of the tooth, with an appropriate replacement, usually a composite filling. If the caries is so advanced that the tooth is completely destroyed and cannot be repaired with a composite filling, in that case we will make an appropriate fixed restoration (metal-ceramic or ceramic tooth crown).

Endodontics involves the treatment of the root canal if inflammation or infection of the dental nerve has occurred. Root canal treatment is extremely important because the tooth remains in the jaw. Even if the crown of the treated tooth is destroyed, it can be replaced with an appropriate fixed prosthetic restoration.

In order for your teeth to be healthy and beautiful, it is extremely important to take preventive measures against any infection. This is achieved by good and proper oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist and solving all dental problems on time.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry provides dental treatments and services that patients choose to aesthetically improve the appearance of their teeth, mouth and smile.

Koristeći znanje i tehnološki napredak, Stomatologija Kopuz će Vam omogućiti mladenački, ljepši osmijeh i više samopouzdanja.

Beautiful and healthy teeth give us more self-confidence, and a beautiful smile affects the impression we leave on people!

As for non-surgical methods of rejuvenation, they are made with modern dermal hyaluronic fillers which will enable you to fill nasolabial folds, puppets, enlarge cheeks and shape cheekbones, enlarge lips, emphasize lip edges or even change lip shape, if necessary.


It is a part of dentistry which corrects the irregular position of the teeth, as well as the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. Some orthodontic anomalies are hereditary and some are acquired.

Patients most often visit the dentist for aesthetic reasons, more precisely due to the incorrect position of the teeth in the jaw. Orthodontic irregularities are visible at an early age, so that regular dental examinations can detect and diagnose all irregularities in the mouth.

Depending on the patient's age, after the dental examination, jaw images and jaw impressions, the orthodontist will suggest to the patient which type of orthodontic appliance the patient should wear (mobile or fixed orthodontic appliance or individually made foils).


Prosthetics is a dental branch that deals with the restoration of lost teeth, but also the correction of existing ones with the help of veneers, crowns, bridges, and complete or partial dentures. Apart from being functional, prosthetics also have an aesthetic role in the correction of existing teeth. We divide it into fixed, mobile and combined prosthetics.

Fixed prosthetics includes all dental restorations that are permanently cemented in the patient's mouth (scales, crowns, bridges). Technological progress have contributed to the development of dentistry, so today we have dental restorations made of materials of extraordinary aesthetics, transparency, translucency and the ability to imitate natural teeth. Fixed prosthetic restorations are made in metal ceramics or metal-free ceramics.

If the tooth crown is missing (completely or partially) and the root is preserved, healthy and stable, it is possible to make a prosthetic replacement. However, if the tooth is missing completely, we grind the adjacent teeth, then make a dental bridge or install an implant on which we place the dental restoration.

In case of missing several teeth or loss of all teeth, we make partial or total dentures. If this is not possible, we install a dental implants and then do the prosthetic rehabilitation (All-on-4, All-on-6).


Implantology is a branch of oral surgery that deals with the replacement of one or more missing teeth in the oral cavity, by installing dental implants. Implants are biocompatible screws made of titanium.

Implants are placed by simple surgery in the upper or lower jaw, under local anesthesia.

ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6 are the latest revolutionary concepts in implantology that enable the production of mobile and fixed prosthetic restorations in toothless patients who do not have enough bone.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery involves the surgical treatment and care of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The most common oral surgical interventions are:

  • surgical tooth extraction
  • surgical treatment of complications caused by tooth extraction
  •  apicotomy - tooth resection
  • cystectomy
  • sinus lift
  • corticotomy - surgery performed on teeth in the bones of the upper or lower jaw, but they have not sprouted and are not visible in the dentition
  • preprosthetic preparation
  • surgical therapy of pathological changes in the jaws
  • dental implantology

Oral surgery is closely related to implantology.

Meet Dr Jelena Kopuz

Dr. Jelena Kopuz is a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine. Thanks to her experience, she is at your service with the latest technology and knowledge in the field of periodontal therapy, but also in other fields of dentistry.

Dr stom. Jelena Kopuz, specijalista parodontologije i oralne medicine

Dr. Jelena Kopuz - a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine

Dr. Jelena Kopuz is a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine. Thanks to her experience, she is at your service with the latest technology and knowledge in the field of periodontal therapy, but also in other fields of dentistry.



Dr. Jelena Kopuz - a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine


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Kopuz Dentistry is located in the center of Banja Luka, across from the Theater, not far from the Municipality, Banski dvor and Hotel Bosna, and we are all connected by the same street, Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica. The surgery is equipped with the latest and most modern dental equipment as well as the most modern materials, so that with our professional dental service, which includes modern methods of work, we guarantee quality dental work.

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    Our Patients Testimonials

    Our greatest success are our satisfied patients. Confirmation of the quality of service is that they trust us and are always coming back.

    I have had a problem with periodontitis for a long time, since my second pregnancy. Fortunately, Dr. Jelena helped me a lot and now I really have healthy gums and I don't worry about it anymore.

    Ana. M. Banja Luka

    I am really pleased with the service. And everyone is really nice.

    Vera. T. Banja Luka

    It really is a challenge to come to the dentist for the first time with your child. But Dr. Jelena is great with children, now it's a fun ritual for us to look forward to.

    Nina D. Banja Luka

    I'm truly satisfied with the service, they successfully repaired the lack of my two teeth with metal-ceramic crowns.

    Marko M. Banja Luka

    I have been Dr. Jelena's patient for a long time now and I am really satisfied with the service. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Maja B. Banja Luka

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